Q) Does Sacred Heart Tattoo do piercing?
A) No. We highly recommend that you check out our friends kolopiercing.com located in Little 5 Points, Atlanta. 

Q) How much does a tattoo cost?
A) The price is based on the complexity of the design as well as the individule artists rate. Please review our artists pages for samples of their work and contact your favorite artist directly. 

Q) Where can I follow Sacred Heart Tattoo on Social Media?
A) Sacred Heart Tattoo is active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Q) Where can I park at the Little 5 Points location?
A) There are a few spots in the front of the building. If those spots are taken, we stuggest either parking on the side street or for a few dollars, you can park in the Savannanda parking lot next door.

Q) Is the Little 5 Points shop handycap accessable?
A) Unfortunatly no. We are located on the 3rd floor of an older building which does not have an elevator.  

Q) May I bring my child with me to my appointment?
A) No. Children are not allowed inside the shop. 

Q) How do I book an appointment?
A) Please visit the artists pages and contact them using the information along the right of the screen.  

Q) Does Sacred Heart Tattoo accept walk-ins?
A) Yes! We always have artists available for walk-ins however if you want someone spacific, you should book an appointment with that artist. Several of our artists are apointment only. 


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