Izzy Briceno

About Izzy

Izzy was born and raised in Toledo Ohio and is happily married with four children. At an early age he began drawing to compete with his older brother, and began collecting tattoos some years later. It quickly became an obsession. When he met Tony Olivas he decided to turn his infatuation into a career and moved to Atlanta. He began to pay closer attention to amazing tattoos from Tony, as well as other great artists. After a two year apprenticeship under Mr. Olivas he began to tattoo, and to this day can still be found at Sacred Heart Tattoo. He loves many styles of tattoos and hopes to keep learning and progressing at all of them every day.




Izzy's Schedule

Monday 12-9
Tuesday 12-9
Wednesday 12-9
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Saturday 12-9
Sunday 12-9


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